It's not a fact it's and opinion Fox Sports. There is no best league,every league has it's own characteristics
2007-08-15 18:59:51 UTC
Why does fox sports hail the English Premiere League as the best in the world, They say it like it's a fact. Don't get me wrong, the EPL is amongst the finest leagues in the world but it ticks me off when Diario Fox Sports says it every time they begin their weekly summary of the EPL. " I ahora vamonos a Inglatera para ver las acciones de lo que es la mejor liga del mundo, la Liga Primiere de Inglatera". I don't know which the league is the best but every league has it's own strengths.

English Premiere League- Fast pace beautiful soccer with amazing gols week in and out but a lack of competition from lower table teams (Same four teams always on top).
La Liga- They have all the big name stars, Perhaps the futbol is a little more tactical and less fast pace.
Bundesliga- My vote for most competitive. You never know who will be the next champ. There are many teams in the fight for the championship; Werder, Stuttgart, Bayern, Schalke, Leverkusen, Dortmunt.
Italy- Maybe the most unbalanced
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2007-08-15 22:07:28 UTC
lmao EPL is trash? wow. EPL is one of the greatest leagues in the world. As for FSC, they are just biased towards EPL. The network overall is very biased, especially the News division.

You are spot on about this not being a fact; every league has something good to offer. In terms of competition there are indeed better leagues than La Liga and EPL (roughly 3-4 horse races - a few powerhouses that dominate the other teams). Italy is very unbalanced, just as Ligue 1. No one can argue against the Bundesliga for most competitive.
2007-08-16 02:36:48 UTC
I agree they all have something we like. My favorite is La Liga.
2007-08-16 02:17:20 UTC
are you american?? your arguments are very american - lacking knowledge of the world game.

EPL is trash. tactical and technical intelligence rules the world game any day.most competitive league is la liga. best & most difficult - italy. most entertaining - thats purely a matter of opinion.
2007-08-16 02:14:03 UTC


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